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Smooth 9.1 Features


With a treadbelt you want low noise and high performance. The Smooth 9.1 treadbelts are 100% manufactured in the U.S. With few exceptions, all are two ply construction and are considered light institutional quality.

Some manufacturers claim a four-ply belt. Don't be confused! This is a misleading/false claim! There is no four-ply treadmill belt offered. Only two choices are available - one-ply and two-ply. Two ply belts do have four layers of construction - but only two of those four layers are plys / fabric.

Smooth belts are pre-lubricated / waxed to provide minimal maintenance (if any). Expect up to 25,000 miles of service by simply keeping the unit clean (free of dirt). Smooth's lubrication / wax system is a special blend of high-pressure synthetic compounds. It repels dirt and is used exclusively in our heavy usage commercial units.

Smooth treadbelts have special carbon fibers woven in the fabric and spaced evenly apart to dissipate static electricity. A common treadmill problem that can require service. The polyester synthetic backing is the industries finest, longest lasting surface. It's a high tensile strength rating, combined with large diameter rollers, assures virtually stretch free performance.

Twin formed steel belt guides assures constant accurate tracking, which also minimizes or practically eliminates service needs. The need to adjust a Smooth treadbelt is almost unheard of. Whether a serious or casual user, expect virtually no belt adjustment requirements.

Belt splices are thermo form welded at special degree angles to run both smooth and quiet. The overlapping "finger" splice design has the ultimate tensile / tear strength to withstand many years of hard workouts.

Flywheel Design

The Smooth 9.1 treadmill offers a zinc plated, solid steel, large outside diameter flywheel machined from cold finish 1018 bar. Flywheels are CNC machined and balanced to perfection. The flywheel's large 8" diameter design has the exact effect of a 24 pound flywheel. It is an effective design with high kinetic energy.

Large Outside Diameter

The flywheel's large 8" outside diameter offers more inertia than common 6" to 6 ½" O.D. flywheels used by competitors. This exclusive design also puts a lot less strain on the motor. The narrow profile (thickness) design assures maximum weight as close to the motor bearing as possible. Simple! Effective! Reliable!

Taper Locked to Motor Shaft

The Smooth 9.1 taper locks the flywheel to the motor shaft. You simply cannot get a better, more precise or accurate fit to assure vibration free performance. A positive nylon jam lock-nut is standard to secure the flywheel to the motor shaft. No set screws are used or relied on to secure the flywheel.

The Smooth 9.1 difference provides the following benefits:

  • Smooth, no hesitation belt travel.
  • Safe, controlled (mechanical) deceleration when stop switch is used - AC power interrupt, as all treadmills should be.
  • Vibration free motor performance.
  • Longer motor life due to less bearing fatigue.
  • Less possible freight damage to motor.



The entire upper electronic are 100% USA made. The displays are a very no nonsense, simple to operate design. The displays have the following features:

  • Bright red, high resolution, easy to read LED's.
  • 4 factory preset programs, 4 end user programs, custom designed.
  • Ultra slow .1 mph belt start-up.
  • Speed / incline memory repeat system.
  • Hour meter / odometer for maintenance record keeping
  • Timer may be countdown to automatic shut-off or count up.
  • Calories are calculated on a user weight input and held in memory.
  • Pause / resume feature.
  • Safety ether cord is AC power interrupt design to lower electronics.
  • An on-board "watch dog" circuit is constantly scanning the microprocessor to minor proper operation.
  • Factory preset programs can be changed during exercise.
  • Pace function can be turned on and off at the user's option.
  • Elapsed time may be preset up to 99 minutes.
  • The 9 key panel features sweat proof, sealed mechanical switches with over 1 million operation cycle life.
  • Diagnostics include: Automatic speed calibration, switch test, LED test, incline read test, etc.
  • Choice of metric or U.S. on-board option.

Lower Electronics

The Smooth 9.1 comes with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology. This highly efficient design offers the following advantages:

Lower amp draw, by at least 50%. Heavy users can workout and not overload household electrical services.

PWM design amplifies 60 Hz (cycle) alternating household electricity to 18,000 Hz (cycle). This assures the motor is receiving virtually a pure voltage input. This signal to the motor is 300 times "cleaner". Motors run cooler, are more powerful and last longer.

The lower components, motor and incline system is controlled with this PWM / power supply. Twin telephone type data cables communicate, at micro second speeds, between this the PWM device and upper console electronics. Eight on-board diagnostic lights quickly assist virtually any trouble shooting that may be required.

Several safety circuits are incorporated in our design. The Smooth 9.1 is built to ETL electrical standards. Our treadmill is one of the few that are approved for the tough European government controlled electrical approvals (CE).

Dual parallel power devices provide double the load capacity of most other treadmill manufacturers. Our lower electronic package is overbuilt for heavy-duty, long lasting performance. You get 50% more reserve power ability.

You could put 2,000 pounds of weight on the treadmill and move the load at 0.1 mph. That is unheard of for any other treadmill. We lead the industry in high torque, low speed performance. This is the smoothest, slowest start-up treadmill available.

Frame Design

All Steel Construction

The Smooth 9.1 frame and console is 100% high alloy, mig-welded formed steel. Warranted for life! Steel components are computer punched and formed for absolute accuracy and controlled rigidity. Special profile assures correct biomechanical performance that reduces stress and fatigue. Powertrain components are securely mounted to maintain proper alignment. Build to last!

The Smooth 9.1 uses a blend of steel gauges (thickness) engineered to afford maximum life and function. 10-gauge is used at the highest stress zones, while 16-gauge forms the main body/chassis. As an example, an automobile main body is 16-gauge steel construction with motor mounts requiring the heavier 10 gauge. Good engineering practices demand that steel gauges be chosen for the application. The Smooth 9.1 uses the proper steel selection in both gauge and quality. The steel is a cold finished design - identical to the finish in heavy-duty applications like cars, appliances and farm equipment.

Appliance Tough Finish

The Smooth 9.1 treadmill uses epoxy powder-coat finish that is baked on to assure appliance like finish durability. This finish provides maximum protection to the all-steel construction.

Incline Actuator Motor

Incline read system will never wear out after long use. No parts to get worn and become erratic.

The Smooth 9.1 actuator is mounted in compression. This means any stress is pushing against the top housing assembly. Some (most) manufacturers mount their actuator motor "backwards" with stresses trying to "rip" the housing apart. Potential and expensive breakage is very possible after several years of hard use. Plus our exclusive Adjusta Soft™ low impact system is even further reducing actuator stresses. The Adjusta Soft™ is absorbing over 50% of the shock loads to the incline actuator motor. There is zero shock reduction on every other competitive treadmill. They mount direct and take all the "pounding".

Actuator motors are rated at 600-lb. lift capability. More than enough to lift any load for years of trouble free service, even with the Smooth 9.1 oversize motor and heavy flywheel.


The Smooth 9.1 deck is the ultimate in low noise and long life. Our deck is designed to last forever. No need to ever replace - no need to "flip" (vs. reversible deck). The phenolic design is micro-smooth with a tough acrylic hard topcoat for long wear. Used since 1996, it has an excellent service record. It features the lowest noise level of any deck on the market.

You can't purchase better quality at this price range.


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